About our knives

The knives on our site are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, Damascus and carbon steel. These are carefully selected in order to achieve excellent cutting ability, uniformity in production and durability over time.

Yes, we offer a variety of different sizes and types of knives on our website. It can buy the right knife for their needs and cooking style.

The knives on my site different from ordinary knives in several ways:

Quality materials and attention to detail in the making of the knife.
A special design that fits safely while working.
Cultivation and maintenance from the offer as part of the service.
customizable to the user's needs.
Useful suggestions and different techniques integration user guide.

Yes, our website has descriptions for each type of knife, explaining its benefits, recommended uses and maintenance tips. There is also a guide for choosing a knife that suits the customer's personal cooking style.

We place great emphasis on the quality of the knives we sell. That's why we go through a comprehensive rating and review every model of knife that we choose to include in stock. The test includes:
Materials: We check the types of materials used in the production of the flame and the handle, making sure that they are of high quality and suitable for the purpose of use.
Cutting efficiency: We test the cutting efficiency of the knife on different pieces of food.
The structure of the knife: we check the general structure of the knife, including the connections between the blade and the handle.
Durability: We test the durability of the knife in daily use and the length of time it lasts.

Yes, our site has opinions from users who have purchased and used knives from our inventory. The reviews provide more information about customers' personal experiences and how the knives have affected their cooking and cutting.

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering the knives on our website is done through a simple and safe process:

Product selection: The customer selects the knives he wants to purchase and adds them to the shopping cart.
Order details: The customer enters the shipping and payment details.
Confirmation and payment: The customer completes the order and makes the payment using safe and secure methods.
Shipping: The knives are shipped to the customer according to the shipping address provided.

Delivery information can be changed up to one business day before we ship the product. Please contact us directly.

Tariffs and VAT are established by the customs authorities of the country or region where the goods are purchased, and are based on the country of manufacture and the goods. Classification determines the amount of duty.

The day of arrival may be delayed due the state of affairs in the addressee's country, processing speeds at the customs house, or for political reasons. Russia, East Europe, South America and Africa may need more delivery time.

If you are having problems when you try to place your order it is most likely because some of the information you entered is incorrect, or because a necessary information is just missing. Please double check everything you entered at checkout. Especially make sure that your name and billing address match exactly what is on your credit or bank account and that the card number, security code, and expiration date are all correct.

There are no shipping costs because the customer only pays for the product they order.

of course! We only partner with reliable and high-level delivery companies that guarantee safe and fast delivery.

We consider customer satisfaction very important. If you encountered questions or problems during the purchase, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Financial Information

You can check the issue with Paypal or your Credit Card company for payment in installments or revolving credit payment if necessary.
We can not touch them due to the security of your monetary account.

Customer Satisfaction

If there are discounts or special offers on our site, they will appear on the home page of the site

Yes, we offer special deals and discounts from time to time. You can follow them on the homepage of the website or subscribe to our website to receive update notifications about the newest promotions.

We operate only as an online store and do not have a physical store. All purchases are made through our website.

1 - We produce the highest quality chef's knives, insisting on the integrity of the products and maintaining high standards.
2 - Our customer service is available to help with any questions or problems you may have. We undertake to provide a quick and professional response to any request.
3 - We provide a return policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.
4 - We will listen to customer feedback and improve our products and services according to customer needs and the market as much as possible.
5 - We offer promotions and discounts that are affordable and easy on the pocket.
6 - We undertake to maintain customer privacy and to completely secure your personal information.
7 - We listen to the needs and preferences of the customers and reserve the shopping experience accordingly.
8 - We create a good social relationship with the customers through social media and interesting content.
9 - We treat customers' personal information with care and maintain their privacy.

Yes, we have the best quality photos, in addition we have the descriptions that provide the best information you can get and you don't miss any details.

We are here for you! You can contact us in several ways. The contact details are on the "Contact Us" page in the top menu of the website. You can fill out the form there and we will get back to you quickly. You can also send us an email.

For those looking for the highest quality, we offer knives from the premium series that provide impressive performance and maximum reliability.
We constantly give discounts and promotions, so that even customers with low budgets have the opportunity to purchase at more affordable prices.