Refund Policy

Refund Policy:


Refund terms: Refunds will only be given in cases where the product or service does not meet standards or is significantly damaged.


Refund conditions include the following steps:


Initial Inquiry:

The customer is requested to contact customer service and report the issue with the product or service as soon as possible.

By email:

Refund: If the issue cannot be resolved or a new product cannot be provided within a reasonable timeframe, the customer is entitled to a full or partial refund according to the terms outlined below.


Refund Timeline:

Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving approval for reporting the problem and verifying it from the business. The refund timeline may vary depending on the product or service.


Valid Products and Services:

The policy does not cover refunds for products or services that are in good condition and not significantly defective.


Refund Details:

The customer will be required to provide an interview for the purpose of the refund and supply all necessary details as per the business's request.


Limitation of Refunds:

Refunds will only be issued based on detailed explanations and conditions. Unjustified refunds will not be sought.


Technical Support:

The customer is requested not to attempt to repair or alter the product by an external technician without consulting the business. Any damage or misuse may affect the right to a refund.


Business's Discretion:

The business reserves the right to refuse a refund in exceptional cases and according to its discretion.


Compliance with Local Regulations:

The policy adheres to local regulations and laws regarding refunds.


Technical Obligation:

Customers are obligated not to refrain from seeking refunds, so as not to spare any effort to investigate the issue and find satisfaction before deciding to request a refund.


Partial Refunds:

The business also reserves the right to provide partial refunds, whether in a fixed amount or as a percentage of the purchase price, depending on the circumstances.


Aggressive Policy:

The business reserves the right to take action if the customer arrives with multiple refunds or unfair claims.

Note: In the case of refunds for products, we adhere to principles of customer respect and transparency. However, it is important to note that in instances where a customer approaches us for a refund on a product intentionally or mistakenly ordered, and as the process begins, the customer is not permitted to execute a refund or deny the transaction through PayPal or the credit card company. Should such a decision be made and the customer does not allow the team to handle their refund request, they forfeit their right to a refund, and the team is not obligated to offer further assistance. Any additional help will be provided on an assistance only basis.


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